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An independent initiative of lawyers conducting strategic judicial proceedings. We joined forces to protect one of the most discriminated groups in Poland. We strive to win equal rights for lgbt+ people.


We are working together to develop an effective and responsible strategy, the implementation of which will allow us to achieve our goal, i.e. equal rights for lgbt+ people in Poland.

We map cases from all over Poland, not only the ones that we run.

We meet regularly and discuss ongoing proceedings, the loopholes in legal protection and ideas for filling them.


We act as attorneys. We conduct strategic court proceedings in the lgbt+ rights protection. These cases are conducted for the benefit of our Clients within our law firms or in cooperation with non-governmental organisations.

The proceedings take place at the national and international level.


We gather knowledge about proceedings concerning legal protection of lgbt+ persons in Poland. We maintain a database of these proceedings and update it on a regular basis.

We keep the public informed about the progress of matters through our website and social media.

We speak in the media and share the collected data.


Many important lgbt+ rights judgments are not published by court decision.

We believe that this case-law should be available to other attorneys and courts adjudicating on similar cases. That is why we publish all judgments available to us, appropriately anonymised.

Sharing experiences

We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with the lgbt+ community, other attorneys and representatives, NGOs, the Office of the Ombudsman and other national and international institutions.

If you need information or support or if you would like to join us, write to us.

The lgbt+lawyers initiative was created to provide a broader perspective on the cases of non-heteronormative persons, conducted by attorneys in Poland.

We wanted to summarise the efforts of individual lawyers to date and plan our future activities.

We are gathered to cooperate and realise the dream of a Poland where lgbt+ people have full legal protection, just like other citizens. We are close to the vision described in the LGBT+ Congress Declaration. We feel responsible for developing and implementing a legal action strategy to make this vision a reality.

We have many years of experience in proceedings involving transgender persons, same-sex family matters, hate crimes, discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

We represented our Clients in such cases as: issuing a certificate enabling marriage abroad, confirming the citizenship of children of same-sex couples, introducing marital equality in Poland, transcribing same-sex marriage certificates and birth certificates of children of same-sex couples, establishing the content of Polish birth certificates, establishing the sex of underage transgender persons, establishing gender on the basis of international rulings, establishing the content of the birth certificate of a child born from a transgender man, prohibiting equality marches, discrimination in access to services (the so-called Printer from Łódź case).