Paulina Pilch is a doctor of law and legal adviser, member of the Warsaw Bar Association. The subject of her doctoral dissertation was the issue of same-sex partnerships and marriages in a legal and comparative perspective.

Since 2013, she has been teaching at Gender Studies at the Polish Academy of Sciences. Since 2014, she has been a member of the Legal Group of the Transfusion Foundation. She is a partner in a law firm in Warsaw, previously worked in corporations and international law firms.

As part of the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights’ programme of precedent cases, she led the first LGBT case before the Polish courts for refusing social security benefits and tax benefits for a lesbian couple.  The case is currently pending before the ECHR.

During nearly 6 years of cooperation with the Transfusion Foundation, she has provided hundreds of legal advice sessions to transgender persons on both judicial gender correction and protection against discrimination in personal and professional life. Within the framework of her legal advisor practice, she was an attorney in a number of cases concerning court gender correction, including recognition of foreign court judgments.  After many years of trial, she led to the issuance of a court decision on gender correction of a foreign person residing permanently in Poland, unable able to obtain a similar decision in their country of origin. She also represents transgender persons in administrative proceedings concerning a change of first and last names.

She teaches classes for students of Gender Studies of the Polish Academy of Sciences on human rights, especially in the context of protecting the rights of LGBT+ groups.