Małgorzata Mączka-Pacholak is an attorney, member of the Bar Association in Warsaw. From 2017, she is also vice-president of the Human Rights Committee of the Supreme Bar Council.

She works with the Warsaw law firm Pietrzak Sidor & Partners. She is a criminal law practitioner. In her professional practice, she deals with human rights cases – she specializes in proceedings before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. She also handles discrimination cases.

She is also the coordinator of the Coalition for Domestic Partnerships and Marriage Equality, which is a programme of precedent proceedings in which 5 same-sex couples apply for the possibility to formalise their relationship in Poland (at present, all cases covered by this programme are pending before the European Court of Human Rights).

In addition to her practice as an attorney, she is a lecturer in training classes for trainee attorneys at the Bar Association in Warsaw, she also provides trainings for attorneys in the field of human rights protection.