Jakub Pawliczak works as an attorney. He is also assistant professor at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw.

Since 2009, he has been dealing with various issues related to registered partnerships and same-sex marriage. In 2014, he won the Second Prize in ‘the State and the Law’ National Competition for the Best Doctoral Dissertations with his thesis, entitled “Registered partnership in comparison with marriage in civil law”. He prepared the first Polish bill aimed at introducing marriage equality as the rapporteur of the legal group, established by the “Love Does Not Exclude” Association. He runs a law firm specializing in family and inheritance matters.

He represents members of the LGBT community both in “typical” family cases (including proceedings on divorce and contact concerning children), as well as in precedential proceedings. On their behalf, he seeks the recognition of a foreign adoption judgment issued to two married women, and the recognition of parental rights of a female spouse of a biological mother of a child born in Poland.

Jakub lectures in family and inheritance law at the University of Warsaw and the Warsaw Bar Association. His lectures regarding relationships alternative to the traditional marriage focus principally on legal arguments and foreign experience in enacting and applying the law.